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After ten years of efforts, The Abrahamic Foundation has acquired a place to finally establish its long awaited masjid. We now need to urgently fundraise £500,000 to secure the property to house the masjid, 30+ projects & our growing team.

“Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him likewise in Paradise.”

Providing activities for wider community engagement. Promoting cohesion in society via interfaith activities and community events.

The expansion of the Birmingham Muslim College will help provide holistic community educational services and allow facilitation of the 2 year Lighthouse Madrasa waiting list.

Pioneering committed youth team focused on empowering, up-skilling and developing our youngsters.

5 daily prayers and all other congregational prayers accomodating sisters into all aspects of masjid related activities. Providing regular halaqas, talks, dawah and support services.

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